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Virtual Office in Uzbekistan

Virtual Office in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan can be considered one of the emerging economies considering the changes made by the government in the last decade. Among these changes are incentives which stimulate foreign investments, a reduction of the country’s budget deficit and simplified company registration procedures. Uzbekistan also offers an advantageous taxation system to companies.

The requirements for opening a company in Uzbekistan are comprised in the Commercial Code and one of the most important is the legal address of the business which must be registered in the country. Nowadays, there are several solutions for foreign investors who need a business address in Uzbekistan, one of the simplest being the virtual office.

Our company formation agents in Uzbekistan explain below how you can purchase a virtual office in this country.

Choosing and buying a virtual office in Uzbekistan

Our virtual office services are based on a preliminary discussion with the person of company representative in need of it. Virtual offices will usually satisfy the requirements of our clients considering the address or business center they want the company’s head office to be located in in order to be found as easy as possible.

Once the location of the Uzbekistan virtual office is selected, our company registration consultants will make sure it is equipped in accordance with the clients’ requirements.

We remind you that our local advisors can also assist in setting up a company in Uzbekistan.

Virtual office services in Uzbekistan

Generally, the following services are available in a virtual office in Uzbekistan:

  • a local telephone number;
  • phone answering services;
  • a local business address;
  • mail collection and forwarding services;
  • bank statements collection.

On request, conference room bookings can be arranged with the condition the clients notify us a few days ahead.

Why purchase virtual office services in Uzbekistan?

Among the reasons for using virtual office services instead of leasing a traditional office are:

  • cheaper maintenance costs;
  • no employees are required in a virtual office;
  • a legal address in a prestigious business center in Uzbekistan;
  • the virtual office can be tailored according to your needs.

Please contact us for a personalized offer for virtual office services in Uzbekistan. Our company formation representatives in Uzbekistan can also help you register a company here.