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Types of Companies in Uzbekistan

Types of Companies in Uzbekistan

Foreign enterprisers who want to open companies in Uzbekistan must comply with the Companies Law and must register the types of structures recognized by the same law. One of the greatest advantages of opening a company in Uzbekistan is that the main types of companies available for registration are pretty much the same as in the rest of the world.

The following types of structures are available in Uzbekistan:

  • sole proprietorships;
  • partnerships;
  • limited liability companies.

Foreign companies can set up permanent establishments in Uzbekistan under the form of subsidiaries, branch offices and representative offices. Our company formation agents in Uzbekistan can help you choose the right type of company for incorporation.

Sole traders in Uzbekistan

The sole proprietorship is the simplest business form in Uzbekistan and can be owned by one person who will conduct the activities under his or her own name. There are no share capital requirements in the case of a sole trader, however the owner will be liable with his or her personal assets for the obligations of the business.

Partnerships in Uzbekistan

The partnership can be set up as a general or a limited liability partnership in Uzbekistan, however the latter is more popular here because it is used to provide professional services. The most important requirement to open a partnership in Uzbekistan is to have at least 2 members.

Our company registration consultants in Uzbekistan can offer more information on partnerships.

Limited liability companies in Uzbekistan

The limited liability company is the most common business form used by local and foreign investors in Uzbekistan. This is one of the reasons it has several forms, among which:

  • private limited liability company which requires a minimum share capital of 40 times the minimum wage;
  • the public limited liability company or joint stock company which requires a minimum capital of 400,000 USD;
  • the free zone limited liability company.

Our Uzbekistan company formation advisors can help with the registration of a limited liability company.

Business forms for foreign companies in Uzbekistan

Foreign companies are also welcomed to set up operations through several types of entities in Uzbekistan. Among these the permanent establishment, the foreign legal entity and the representative office are the most employed.

Do not hesitate to contact our local specialists for details about all the types of companies in Uzbekistan. We remind you that you can rely on us for various company formation solutions in Uzbekistan.